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The preventive and restorative dentistry allows us to prevent, stop and cure tooth decay in all phases, from the smallest to the largest destruction of dental tissue. Dental caries may slightly affect the tooth structure, destroying only the enamel or progress to stage more severe, invading deeper tissues such as the dentin or the dental pulp.

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A filling is the procedure by which restores a tooth by placing the aesthetic material of composite resins (composites) into the cavity created after removing caries. Reconstruction is called when tooth decay affects several sides of the tooth.

Endodontics or root canal treatment is the procedure by which removes the pulp or nerve damaged or dead tooth after an infection and it is filled and sealed with specific materials to prevent new infections, and leaving the tooth without sensitivity. Depending on the number of roots, and by subsequent nerve branches having the tooth endodontic treatment will be single-rooted, multirooted or birradicular endodontics.

Once the bacteria have become the nerve of the tooth, well because we no longer advance a cavity or through the periodontium (tissues surrounding the root of the tooth), endodontic treatment is the only way to prevent the removal of that part.

There is a small percentage of possibility of failures of a root canal, in which case the realization of an endodontic or retreat of the ducts would be advisable.

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Paediatric Dentistry


The Paediatric Dentistry is a specialty of dentistry aimed at preventive and therapeutic care of the oral health of children and adolescents, including those who require special care.

Between 6 and 12 years of average the deciduous teeth of children are being replaced by the definitive in several stages, at 6 years old very important permanent molars erupt as pillars of our future occlusion. The care of these molars is essential, as well as the temporary molars that will have to meet their chewing function and maintenance of space until its replacement by the final ones. Against what many people think, the care and conservation of the “milk teeth” is important for the proper development of the occlusion and definitive teeth health.
The application of topical fluoride is intended to prevent cavities since fluoride increases the resistance of tooth enamel to the acids produced by bacteria that cause cavities. Another beneficial effect of the application of fluoride is the decrease in dental sensitivity due to the reinforcement of the enamel, which prevents hot or cold substances from penetrating through it and causing the annoying transitory “shiver”.
An application is recommended every six months in clinic with a higher concentration and reinforcement at home with toothpaste or mouthwash, whose concentration is lower.

Sealants are applied on the surface of the final molars whenever they are completely healthy and act as a physical barrier which waterproof the area of application of the product avoiding bacteria and rest of food penetrate into the pits and fissures and they avoid the occurrence of caries. Especially suitable for children with definite toothache recently erupted.

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It is the speciality of dentistry that is aimed at the prevention, early diagnosis and treatment of diseases affecting the tissues surrounding the teeth and/or implants. Lack of oral hygiene, tobacco and genetic predisposition can cause a slight inflammation of our gums or gingivitis, which manifests itself with bleeding when brushing us and that without proper treatment can evolve in the long run in periodontitis or loss of bone and other tissues holding the teeth and the mobility of these.
To prevent and treat the periodontitis are necessary the curettage, which occur when there is an accumulation of calculus sub gingival, i.e. on the inside of the gums and adhering to the tooth root. The curettage are carried out in several sessions to divide the mouth into quadrants, and are aimed at the elimination of this scale leaving the root clean and smooth, thus eliminating the periodontal pockets and allowing the gum to adhere firmly to the tooth.
In advanced cases of periodontitis, periodontal surgical technique may be necessary.
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