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In those cases where placement is not possible of implants or the patient decides other options to replace his lost dental parts you can opt for fixed bridges or removable dentures. It is called a prosthesis to the structure that replaces anatomically a tooth either absent or for restoration of his crown.


Fixed prostheses can’t be removed since they are attached to our own teeth or dental implants, they can be:

dental prosthesis sabinillas
  • Individual crown for a tooth in particular. The crowns are placed on natural teeth of the patient, who will have been previously cut, and as if it were a cover.
  • Bridge or union of several crowns to increase resistance if the teeth that hold the crowns are ailing, or because we have a tooth absence and to make a “bridge” between the two adjacent teeth in order to supply that absence.
  • Removable denture resin complete: They are commonly known by people as dentures. They are done when the patient has no teeth.
  • Resin removable partial prosthesis: They are done when the patient has a tooth, which help the denture retention through a hook or other system.
  • Metal partial removable denture: They are also known as skeletal. They are made, when the patient still retains some of its teeth, using a metal structure on which the teeth are located and supporting in the gum with resin.
    After the consultation with the specialist, your Dentist Sabinillas will advise properly on the option that best suits their functional and aesthetic needs.

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