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In today’s society the aesthetic harmony of the mouth is a very valued and desired factor. Aesthetic dentistry could be defined as an application of art and science to develop the beauty in form of smile. In or Dental Clinic Sabinillas we offer you aesthetic treatments like dental veneers, teeth whitening, zirconium crowns and cleanings.

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Porcelain Veneers

The aesthetic veneers is a procedure whereby the front of a tooth, usually those that are exposed to the smile, is restored with an aesthetic purpose. This type of treatment has an indication primarily aesthetic and directed to solve problems such as dental stains by drugs that can’t be whitened, changes in the position or enamel of our teeth.
It is a treatment that is increasingly demanded by the simplicity of the procedure and the aesthetic results that provide, allowing to change colour, shape, and position of our teeth.
In a simple terminology, a veneer is more or less a fine sheet which covers the entire face front of the tooth, adhering to it through a particular type of non-visible resin cement externally. It is a much demanded reconstructive technique between the dental aesthetic treatments, not requiring intervention very difficult or painful, and the placement of porcelain veneers presents excellent results in lasting and natural look, especially in those cases in which the reconstruction of a smile is more complicated.
It should be emphasized that it is essential to have solved any problem of dental health before placing veneers or porcelain crowns.

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Dental Whitening Sabinillas

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It is a treatment on the rise and most oft increasingly in dentistry. There are basically two types of tooth whitening gel. Hydrogen peroxide gel, is the compound that actually whitens, and carbadima peroxide gel must be broken down into hydrogen peroxide teeth whitening. As a reference, and carbadima peroxide must be split in hydrogen peroxide to whiten the teeth. As a reference, 36% cardabima peroxide is equivalent to a 12 of hydrogen peroxide.
The greater the concentration of gel, faster and greater will be your Whitening results. However, only a dentist required treatment with high concentrations of hydrogen peroxide (more than 35), since these products may damage the soft tissues of the mouth. Bleaching gel can also damage the gums if it is incorrectly used.
To get the best effect it is recommended to make whitening clinic where in addition to using a product with an appropriate concentration, it will be activated and will enhance the effect by applying light or photoactivation. After several sessions and as reinforcement for potential effect either at the end of time as maintenance, bleaching is possible at home, applying the gel molds made specifically for our mouth in the dental clinic.
The supervision of these treatments by the dentist is advisable since a high concentration, excessive use or an unsuitable product can cause damage to our gums and even sensitivity and dental pain.
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Zirconium Crowns

The crown or porcelain covers are a total covering of the tooth which simulates the coronary anatomy. They can be made only with porcelain, or with a core of other material to give more consistency, as metal, little aesthetic and with the passage of time and the minor changes that occur in our gum, just it can be looked or showed, offering a little aesthetic aspect, with a dark halo between the tooth and the gums. For this reason, it is not recommended be placed in visible areas of our mouths that are exposed to the smile. In these cases where we need consistency and aesthetics we must choose porcelain crowns with core of zirconium, which provides resistance but has the natural colour of the tooth.
Zirconium oxide (Zirconia), is the most advanced material used in fixed prosthesis without metal, possessor of a toughness and extraordinary resistance is considered to be the material of choice in the treatment dental technicians and dental rehabilitation.
The aesthetics of ceramics completed about zirconium in the laboratory is perfection because without metal, conventional prostheses, the light is no barriers and is reflected in a completely natural way.

Dental Cleanings Sabinillas

Oral Cleaning
The advice more obvious to keep your teeth healthy and white is to perform regular cleaning of your teeth with your dentist. Many people do not perform this step, and just only one or two visits a year to maintain optimum hygiene in our mouth and check if there is any problem before is too serious.
Oral cleaning eliminates scale attached to the teeth and pigmentation or external stains, especially if it is accompanied by cleaning with baking soda. The plaque that forms in the mouth and sticks to the teeth, preferably in the union of the tooth with the gum, and it is made up of plate, remains, bacteria, calcium, etc. Once formed it can’t be removed by brushing, hygiene is required or cleaning in the dental clinic with ultrasound that through small vibration machine follows the plaque from the tooth without damaging the enamel, then it is advisable to review the surface with a bath of baking soda that removes stains and softens the enamel, making difficult the adhesion of the scale again. This scale is an irritant and unsightly element of the gum and favours the development of periodontal diseases...
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