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Other dental treatments

Other dental treatments in Manilva, Sabinillas and Casares
Splint Michigan

Miorelaxation splint type Michigan is made in the laboratory after taking moulds or registration in the patient’s mouth. It is an overlay for the teeth which is situated in one of the arches of the mouth fully or partially covering the teeth, and whose objective is to avoid traumatic contact that exists between the upper and lower teeth in patients which is not consciously or tight or “squeak” teeth. In this way, splints or discharge plates will be needed for those people who have bruxism. Michigan splints are the most reputable and recommended to decrease the damage caused by this habit. Its composition is harder, they do a more adequate buffer function than other mats too soft.

We must remember that not only bruxism affects teeth and masticatory muscles, but that tends to be the source of many of the pains in the head and neck.

If you have recently noticed increased sensitivity in your teeth, recurrent headaches and neck, heard, clicks to open the mouth or yawn or too much tension, especially upon waking up in the morning, come to our clinic to carry out a diagnostic test since the use of a splint or plate Michigan can save you many current ailments and other many disadvantages in the future.

They are used during the night to avoid unconscious tooth clenching and thus on the one hand dental wear that causes loss of enamel and dentin exposure, and on the other hand, the pain that often people bruxers muscles of mastication due to the continuous tension as well as the damage to the joint temporomandibular (TMJ) which is the “hinge” of the jaw to open and close our mouths and is damaged with continuous pressure that suffers when we pressed the teeth, to produce clicking or creaking open, limitation of the opening, pain in ears and head, etc.
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