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Orthodontics in Manilva, Sabinillas and Casares.

Orthodontics is today a fundamental instrument in the context of dentistry, since both functional as aesthetic, the demand of different aspects and techniques of Orthodontics is increasing, since it is no longer a treatment aimed only at children or adolescents, because it is more and more present in our society, and no one already strange to see people of all ages with orthodontic appliance.
Due to this rise and to encompass the broad field demanding compatible with aesthetic orthodontics, have developed many variants to orthodontics with brackets metallic or conventional, such as for example the invisible orthodontics that sits on the inside of the teeth, the transparent saphir aesthetic braquets or orthodontics through transparent splints.

As the General Council of Colleges of Dentistry and Stomatology of Spain suggests, orthodontic treatments aim to:
  • The tooth repositioning.
  • In some cases, influence the development of the jaws ( dentofacial orthopedics ) to achieve an improvement in patient function and , if possible , of aesthetics.
  • Sometimes a tooth alignment to facilitate placement of a prosthesis or dental hygiene.
  • Sometimes pursues an aesthetic purpose.

  • Aligning teeth.
  • Optimize your intercuspidation reciprocal.
  • Avoid functional occlusal disharmony.
  • During the period of facial growth model the development of the jaws.
  • Improve aesthetics far orthopedic or orthodontic procedures permit (sometimes also requires orthognathic surgery and / or cosmetic surgery ).
We work in partnership with the European Orthodontic Laboratory Madrid allowing us to deal with your feedback , complex cases, such as that shown in the following simulation.

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