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Digital Radiology services

Digital radiology services in Manilva, Sabinillas and Casares
The Digital Radiology Radiology is the evolutionary step in Radiology. As it happens in photography, photographic film is replaced by a device that captures images in a digital form. This change brings advantage that images can optimize digitally, eliminating the need for repeat exposures and therefore lowering the dose of radiation that the patient receives.
They can be periapical X-rays showing a certain our mouths zone, or Orthopantomography showing all of the oral structures and which takes place in a specific device called orthopantomograph. This image is of great help for the professional in the majority of specialties of his field, becoming a routine diagnostic tool.

We also have a 3D scanner that allows the especialist to obtain complete images in 3 dimensions, with which to plan surgeries and simulate the best treatments without failures.

We propose the most modern technologies and facilities to ensure optimum results and excellent quality.

Good results, the desire to continue to improve and the confidence that every day we receive from our patients encourage us to continue growing and maintain our philosophy of the best deal and the best services.

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