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Dental implants

Dental implants in Manilva, Sabinillas and Casares.
The implant is a screw made of pure titanium and which has been subjected to a special surface treatment to ensure the osteointegration to bone (direct connection between the living bone and the surface of an implant), medically is suitable to be placed in the human body and therefore undergone to severe sanitary controls from its manufacture until the patient and designed to withstand considerable forces, as in chewing.
Implants are the mechanism of anchorage in the bone of the mandible or upper maxilla for dental prosthesis. Depending on the number of implants that they are placed in the bone, the support of the prosthesis may be exclusively about the implants, either a combining between implants and gum. The greater the number of implants placed, the better are the forces of mastication among them, not required support of the gum.
The choice of one type or another of prosthesis, will be conditioned by the existing bone volume and the preferences of the patient in relation to the type of prosthesis.
Prosthesis fixed on implants
Fixed prostheses are connected to implants by different mechanism that prevent their withdrawal, i. e. , the person who wears it can’t remove it, as if they were your natural teeth. This type of prosthesis is supported only in implants, and they are very similar to natural teeth since the materials used are virtually identical in appearance and characteristics to tooth enamel. Once a year, is suitable for its revision for cleaning of the underlying implant.

This treatment usually requires an average of 8 implants by each arch to support 12 teeth, although it will be necessary to study each case in particular.

Hybrid prosthesis fixed on implants
A hybrid prosthesis fixed on implants híbrida, is an excellent option for patients without all dental pieces that does not want to carry neither a full prosthesis nor a fixed prosthesis for not presenting enough bone either by economic limitations.

They are fixed to the patient, the dentist shall remove them every 6 months for maintenance and cleaning. The most common is to place it on 4 implants in the jaw and 5 or 6 for the maxillary. The implants are connected by a metal bar and about this bar blows a prosthesis in acrylic or resin, which has holes to tighten the screws.

Over denture on implants
In those patients that, for any reason, we do not have sufficient bone volume for the placement of a minimum number of implants, we will have to resort to a joint support of implants and mucosa or gum. Implants are used to increase retention of the denture and avoid its downfall or mobility and friction, discomfort, insecurity and wounds that this causes. To be a small number of implants, 2-4, it is necessary to distribute the force of mastication among these and alveolar.

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